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Sennheiser IE 6 review: Sennheiser IE 6

The Good Balanced sound quality; extended bass response; suitable for all types of music; warm sound; comfortable fit; good sound isolation.

The Bad Lacks a sparkling treble.

The Bottom Line Without question, the Sennheiser IE 6s are a cracking pair of earphones at an excellent price point, ready to show Shure and Bose a thing or two about what it means to be earphones costing £100

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8.3 Overall

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If the Sennheiser IE 7 and flagship IE 8 earphones are just too costly for your ears and wallets to stretch to, maybe consider the entry-level model -- the Sennheiser IE 6. These earphones, at around £100, aim to deliver a well-defined sound, with enhanced bass and superior sound-isolation.

They're on sale now and, since their IE 8 siblings recently won our epic Editors' Choice award in November, you've every reason to wonder what the more affordable versions are like. 

Hailing from Sennheiser's professional in-ear monitoring systems, the entry-level IE 6s are intended to be worn like the pros -- up and over the ear. They can be comfortably worn the more conventional way, however, and, for the three weeks we spent with them, were unquestionably snug.

The symmetrical cabling appears to be identical to that of the £250 IE 8s, and that's no bad thing. It's lightweight, with a 3.5mm plug that's compatible with the first-generation iPhone. The enclosures themselves are the smallest and most compact in the IE series, and feel really well constructed, while remaining lightweight.

Sennheiser does, however, offer a two-year warranty just in case these enclosures dissolve or something, but their excellent designs are features in themselves. Inside are single drivers, backed by neodymium magnets, responding to frequencies between 10Hz and 18kHz, with a sensitivity of 115dB/mW.

As sound isolators, they're on a par with the competition, but a range of silicone and foam tips come in the box to ensure the best fit and the best isolation. We've been testing with the Comply T-400 tips as well, and strongly recommend these as an upgrade for even better fit, isolation and comfort.

Within moments of our first hour listening through the IE 6s, we knew we were hearing the entry-level version of the IE 8s -- the same sound signature of generally balanced performance with a strong low-end bass emphasis rang through, with a similarly subdued treble.

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