​Samsung's next-gen washer cleans up at CES

Samsung shows off a new design for its Activewash washing machine with built-in sink at CES 2016.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Samsung's next-generation washers.


Samsung debuted its Activewash washing machines back in 2015 - an innovative line of top-load washers with built-in sinks so you can pre-soak stubborn stains and hand-wash delicate items.

The large-appliance manufacturer is back this year with an all-new design to add to its Activewash roster. The $1,099 WA50K8600 is available in either white or "black stainless". It offers a 5-cubic-foot capacity and a "mid control" touch display that's built into the lid of the top-load washer. International pricing hasn't been confirmed, but the price converts to about £750 or AU$1,540.

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This new design, also available with a 4.5-cubic-foot capacity for $849 (model number WA45K7600), comes with a coordinating dryer unit. The price converts to roughly £580 or AU$1,190. All of the new Activewash washers and companion dryers are scheduled to go on sale in March.

Washing machines have undergone something of a design revolution in recent years -- and Samsung isn't the only manufacturer getting in on the action. LG's Twin Wash laundry system, first introduced at CES 2015, is a smaller supplemental washing machine that can be installed underneath a number of LG's traditional front-load models. That way, you can wash bulky clothes in the top machine and smaller, delicate items below.

In addition to the second-generation Activewash machines, Samsung is also introducing three new AddWash machines at CES 2016. These are the $1,499 WF50K7500 (price converts to £1,025 or AU$2,095), the $1299 WF45K6500 (converts to about £885 or AU$1,820) and the $1,099 WF45K6200, which converts to about £750 or AU$1,540. The new AddWash machines contain hidden compartments which you can open to add extra clothes even after you've started a cycle, and all of them have matching dryers. They're scheduled to be available in April.

Samsung is also announcing a new stackable front-load compact laundry pair. The $1,099 WW22K6800 and $1,099 DV22K6800 are slated to go on sale in March. Both convert to about £750 or AU$1,540.