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The Good Wireless performs just as well, if not better than the wired version. High level of customisability for such a small mouse, especially due to the EasyShift button. Button profiles stored on mouse.

The Bad Small size could contribute to quicker fatigue than usual. Wireless version rocks slightly back and forward, which may be disconcerting to some.

The Bottom Line The Pyra is a handy little gaming mouse. It may not be the best choice for extended sessions due to its small size. But if you're travelling and need space, you could do worse than picking up one of these.

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8.0 Overall

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The Pyra is Roccat's travel mouse, even smaller than the Kova. Roccat attempts to make the most of the size by flanging out the base to create thumb and pinky grips, although we found that under extended use the grip is more likely to cause fatigue than a regular mouse.

At about 95mm long, this portable rodent comes with its own carry case and is available in two editions: wired and wireless. The latter comes with a tiny 2.4GHz transceiver that can be tucked into the bottom of the mouse. While the wired version costs AU$59.99, going wireless significantly increases the price, commanding AU$99.95.

The wired version just needs the driver to be installed to run at full capacity, while the wireless also needs to be synced by pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse. We found that when the mouse goes to sleep, it won't respond to movement at all — you'll have to click a button to wake it up.

Roccat includes a mini-USB cable with the wireless version to connect to the PC, but don't expect this to turn it into a corded mouse; it's for battery charging only.

The cable also adds greater balance: when you take it out, the Pyra disconcertingly rocks back and forward when you use it, with the rear lifting off the mousing surface. The corded version doesn’t appear to have this issue.

Roccat Pyra UI

The basic configuration screen will look familiar to anyone who owns a Roccat mouse. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

The "fat tyre" scroll wheel that's also in the Kova is here, with a satisfying group of detented clunks with each spin. The Pyra can do horizontal scrolling as well, but not with the wheel — you'll have to assign the function to two different buttons to get it to work through the included software. This same functionality allows the user to do on-the-fly DPI switching, with settings of 400, 800 and 1600dpi available.

Roccat Pyra UI

Customise the buttons to your heart's content. (Screenshot by CBS Interactive)

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