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The Good Ambidextrous. Clever DPI and light switching through mouse buttons, if a little fiddly. Accurate without being complex.

The Bad A permanent DPI status light would help determine what mode the mouse is in at a glance.

The Bottom Line For a gaming mouse without software, the Kova is damn good. If you don't hold truck with macros, customisable buttons, x/y axis sensitivity and the like, this could be the one for you.

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9.0 Overall

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Roccat's Kova is a "driverless gaming mouse". It's been a long time since we've seen even a basic mouse come without drivers. So with interest, we plugged the Kova in to see what it was all about.

An ambidextrous mouse, the Kova is about simplicity from the get-go. Despite being smaller than the average gaming mouse, it features a huge scroll wheel, reminiscent of a fat tyre. It has back and forward buttons on both sides. That's almost it for the Kova, apart from two strips of lighting on each side of the mouse buttons and some exhaust style lighting at the base.

It's the back and forward buttons where the magic lies: hold in the left and right top buttons while plugging in, and the mouse flips into left-handed mode, reversing the left and right mouse button functions.

Pressing these buttons while the mouse is plugged in changes the lighting effect, from "breathing" (alternating colours, with each one fading off and the new one fading in), to full brightness, to completely off. Pressing the left top and right bottom buttons will alter the "breathing" mode to cycle colour after one, two or three "breaths", or keep the colour constant between fade-outs. Hitting the bottom left and top right buttons manually changes the colour. It's a little fiddly, but in lieu of software it's rather clever.

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