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Smart Home

Quirky Tripper keeps tabs on your windows, doors, and drawers

For $40 the new Quirky Tripper acts as a digital smart home tripwire.

The Tripper adds window and door sensing to the Quirky smart home solution. Quirky

The Quirky Tripper brings door and window sensing skills to its lineup of smart home gadgets for less than the competition. Unveiled at a press conference in New York, the $40 Tripper kit acts as a digital tripwire able to detect when entryways to your abode open or close unexpectedly and pushes alerts directly to the Wink mobile application.

Additionally the Tripper bundle, which consists of two pairs of separate magnetic sensor units ( four parts in all), can also give users a warning when drawers or cabinet doors have been breached. And like the new Norm smart thermostat device, the Tripper is designed to integrate with Quirky's growing list of connected home products.

Keep in mind that you'll have to already have the Wink Hub networking center or Wink Relay wall-mounted gadget already up and running inside your abode for the Tripper to function.

Place Tripper by doors, windows, and drawers to know when they open and close. Quirky

A key difference between the Tripper and other similar aperture sensors is that Quirky will sell it as a two-pack for same price competing smart home players hawk just one unit. For example both SmartThings and Peq offer essentially identical gadgets for $45 and $35 respectively.

As far as availability goes, Quirky expects the Tripper to ship in the US by December 2014 for $40. You can, however, preorder the sensor and other Quirky accessories via the company's website now.

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