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Smart home gadget maker Quirky just unveiled a slew of connected household gadgets today including the Norm. For $80 this device is billed to usher in the "death of the thermostat" and link to Quirky's growing roster of in-home sensors.

Partnered with General Electric, Quirky announced this news at a press event today in New York. Making a point to tout the Norm's abilities, Quirky representative's explained that the device will talk to the Wink mobile application running on smartphones and tablets enabling you to control Norm from any location.

The Norm adds smart thermostat skills to the Quirky platform. Quirky

Additionally you'll be able to create schedules for your home heating and cooling system to follow plus track energy usage over time. And of course the Norm will support Quirky's growing universe of sensors, switches, and other products such as motion detectors, garage door openers, and hub controllers.

If the Norm sounds compelling you won't have long to wait. According to Quirky it expects the product to hit stores in the US by December 2014 for $80. The Norm is also available now for preorder through the Quirky website.