Raw numbers getting you down? Take some encouragement from the Qardiobase Smart Feedback Mode.

Nic Healey/CNET

Whether you're trying to put on some mass or strip off those pounds, the bathroom scale is rarely a happy sight. In fact, those numbers can be downright disheartening at times and, when looked at in the long term, sometimes don't actually accurately represent where you are in terms of achieving your goals.

Qardio, who also makes the Qardioarm blood pressure monitor and the Qardiocore EKG (no, really), understands this.

Like other smart scales, such as the newly announced Polar Balance, the $149 (around ‎£100, AU$205) Qardiobase does a lot more than just tell you how much you weigh. The scale also measure body fat percentage, muscle mass and even bone and water composition, offering a more rounded look at your overall fitness levels.

More importantly -- and this might be my favourite feature I've seen on a device like this -- it has a Smart Feedback Mode that does away with numbers altogether and just offers a smiley face to tell you that you're still on track with your long term goal. (Or a frowny face to say you're not, but lets not worry just yet about proving to be a disappointment to your bathroom scale.)

This isn't just about the raw numbers: the Qardiobase will give you that winning grin, even if your weight might be up, because all the additional data it collects lets it account for the regular weight fluctuations that naturally occur, meaning you you don't get disheartened over a pound here and there when the long view is actually looking rosy.