Plume Labs Flow air quality tracker knows if you're breathing pollution

Flow from Plume Labs tracks air quality to give you real-time data for limiting your exposure to air pollution.

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Check the air quality instantly with Flow.

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Plume Labs would like to help you understand the quality of the air you breathe, and it's developed a wearable device along with a mobile app to do just that.

Unveiled at CES 2017, the Flow is an air-quality tracker. Tap the capacitive touch button on front and 12 multicolor LEDs give you current as well as historical air pollution exposure feedback at a glance. A 360-degree air intake senses air quality fast, measuring particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone, volatile organic compounds, temperature and relative humidity.

Plume Labs' Flow is an attractive wearable air quality tracker

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For more detailed information, the Flow will connect to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth LE and its mobile app will give you personal exposure reports along with pollution levels for nearby areas.

Pricing and availability is still up in the air, but preorders are expected to start in the spring.

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