If big, imposing A/V receivers aren't your thing, Pioneer has come up with a slim solution to steer your home system. At 85mm high by 280mm deep, the VSX-S300 looks more like a DVD or Blu-ray player in disguise, and will fit in cabinet spaces that would not otherwise accommodate traditional, large receivers.

Despite its size, it puts out 100W of power through six channels. This gives it the flexibility to be configured as either a 5.1 set-up with a passive sub-woofer in one room, or 3.1 channel output in the main room (front L/R, centre and passive sub-woofer), with an optional stereo output in a second room.

Through its use of Class D amplification and an Eco mode (where only the front speakers and subwoofer remain active), Pioneer claims that it can reduce normal power consumption by as much as 35 per cent.

As with Pioneer's other new full-size receivers in 2011, accurate calibration can be achieved during set up by using the company's proprietary Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration. The VSX-S300 also has five HDMI connections (four inputs and one output) with 3D and ARC support, HD audio decoding and support for Bluetooth audio streaming if you'd like to invest in Pioneer's optional Bluetooth adapter (RRP AU$119).

The VSX-S300 will be available in Australia in September, and will be packaged with either the Pioneer HVT500 or HVT600 Sound Wing speakers.