Do you like the idea of better sound for your TV, but baulk at having large speakers cluttering up your lounge room? To appease this group, Pioneer has come up with its minimalist Sound Wing speakers.

The company claims that it can deliver big, multi-directional sound without bulky housing, through something that it's calling Horizontal-Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology. Pioneer has moved the driving force of these speakers from underneath the cone to the side (working at 90⁰), reducing the depth normally needed for a speaker's magnets. The capacity to generate multi-directional sound comes from placing two of these speakers back to back.

The result is a wider listening "sweet spot", so you have more flexibility of where you can position these speakers in your home theatre environment.

For further set-up options, Pioneer is releasing the Sound Wings in two form factors.

The slim Sound Wing S-HV600B (Credit: Pioneer)

Like a traditional sound bar, the S-HV600B is designed to sit in front or underneath your flat screen TV. Just 25.5mm thick and only 900x66x93mm, even with the stand included, it integrates two 57x30mm double-sided drivers with HVT technology and two Softdome tweeters — one set pointing forwards, and one set backwards — at either side of the wing.

The compact Sound Wing S-HV500LR (Credit: Pioneer)

The satellite-style S-HV500LR speakers are a compact 207x91x37mm perched on a chrome-finished base. They are also equipped with 57x30mm double-sided drivers with HVT technology and a Softdome tweeter on both sides.

Both Sound Wing speaker options will be available in September, but neither speaker flavour will be available for individual purchase. Pioneer is packaging the Sound Wings with its new slim series A/V receiver, the VSX-S300.