Philips Digital Photo Display 7FF1M4 review: Philips Digital Photo Display 7FF1M4

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The Good Interchangeable frames included. Supports most memory cards. Rechargeable battery for portability.

The Bad Expensive. No remote control. No video support.

The Bottom Line This Philips Digital Photo Display improves upon last year's model, offering pleasing image quality and including interchangeable frames to match your decor.

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7.9 Overall

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Like its predecessor, the second-generation Philips Digital Photo Display, the 7FF1M4, looks similar to most other digital photo frames on the market. The 7FF1M4 is a clear perspex frame around a coloured border that surrounds the 137mm by 91mm LCD screen. Four interchangeable magnetic frames have been included in black, white, silver and red, so you can swap and change the border to best suit the images being shown, the decor in your home or office, or just whatever colour takes your fancy.

The stand fits into the frame with a simple tool-less design -- you just slot the arm into the back of frame and turn it to lock it into place. It can be adjusted to sit vertically or horizontally, or removed to wall mount. The stand itself is quite heavy, giving the unit a sturdy base to stand on.

For navigation, the menu buttons are set out along the top back of the frame, making them both easily accessible, and yet hidden from view when looking at the display straight on.

The standout feature of a digital photo frame should be the screen -- after all, you can have as many bells and whistles as you like, but if your pictures don't look great, they're not going to impress anyone. The seven-inch model we reviewed has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, with a viewing area of 720 x 480 pixels. With 16-bit , 65,536 colours Philips have given us a pleasing display which offers plenty of functionality too.

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