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People Power gives its Presence app a 360-degree view

Startup People Power has a new hunk of hardware -- a camera stand designed to rotate your Presence-app-enabled Android or iPhone 360 degrees.

People Power's Presence 360 phone stand.

People Power

People Power, the folks behind the Android and iPhone Presence app and the Presence Security Pack, are introducing a new piece of hardware today via Indiegogo: Presence 360.

Available to pre-order worldwide now starting at $99/£75/AU$130, Presence 360 is a plug-in phone stand designed to rotate 360 degrees. Like the Zmodo Pivot camera, Presence 360 is supposed to be able to capture activity happening throughout a space -- not just within a fixed field of view.

Here's a quick rundown of Presence 360's features and capabilities:

  • 360-degree pan-and-tilt functionality
  • Set as many as 3 "vantage points," like entryway, kitchen and living room
  • Presence 360 can automatically scan those areas for activity
  • Available in Snowflake White and Charcoal Black finishes

Combine that with the Presence app's motion alerts and video clip storage and this seems like a fairly solid alternative to a traditional camera. I have just one question -- if you're spending $99 on this thing, why not go ahead and invest in a traditional security camera?

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The whole appeal behind camera apps like Presence, Manything (featured in the video above) and Salient Eye is that you can turn a spare phone into a makeshift security device for free. $99 is less than most of the security cameras I've tested, but People Power plans to bump up the price of Presence 360 to $140 after the Indiegogo campaign ends.

Given that the Zmodo Pivot costs just 10 bucks more at $150 (and is currently on sale on Amazon for $100), I'm not convinced that Presence 360 offers a good value. We'll just have to test it out to be sure. Presence 360's are expected to ship to backers in December 2016 whether or not its $20,000 funding goal is met on Indiegogo.

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