PS4 Cloud Remote is a $30 wand that controls your TV, too

For those times when you want to ditch the controller.

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Not just a great game machine, the Sony PlayStation 4 is also a great media player -- but not everyone in the house may enjoy fumbling with the PS4's DualShock controller to navigate the Netflix menu or play a Blu-ray disc. 

That's where the new PDP Cloud Remote could come in handy. The wireless remote pairs to the PS4 via Bluetooth and duplicates all of the navigation buttons you'll need to zip through navigation apps. But unlike its PS4-only predecessor, the Cloud Remote also controls volume, power and input toggling on most TVs via standard infrared commands, too. 

The "cloud" moniker comes from the "downloadable PDP Cloud Remote App" which PDP says will autodetect your specific TV model and map commands accordingly. (Whether that app runs on the PS4 or a mobile device isn't entirely clear.)

The remote is blessed by Sony, which is throwing in a free 30-day trial for new users of its PlayStation Vue streaming video service for good measure. 

The PDP Cloud Remote can be preordered now for $30, and it ships in September. (UK and Australian pricing and availability are unknown, but that price translates to about £25 or AU$40.) If you need something that controls the PS4, TV and a few other devices, like a cable box, PDP's Universal Media Remote is still available for a few bucks less, albeit without the nifty autoprogramming feature.

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