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The Good PCNow offers secure, remote access to your PC; easy installation; true color support.

The Bad No guest access or collaboration features in PCNow; no support for non-Windows remote clients or PDAs.

The Bottom Line Like GoToMyPC, PCNow offers powerful remote-access features, plus some extra capabilities for a low monthly subscription, but LogMeIn is free and a better choice for telecommuters.

7.4 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 7
  • Support 7


Editor's note: On October 13, 2005, WebEx changed the name of this service from MyWebEx PC to PCNow. This review has been revised accordingly, and we have adjusted the rating to reflect the lack of a free version of PCNow. (10/13/05)

Known for its corporate Web meeting solutions, WebEx is targeting individual PC users in a big way with a tempting offer: powerful, secure, remote desktop access for less cost than most competing services. Simply go to the pcnow.webex.com Web site and, with a credit card in hand, create an account, and you can have complete control of your Windows PC system from anywhere in the world. Compared to GoToMyPC and its $19.95-per-month price tag, PCNow, with its introductory price of $9.95 per month, is a huge bargain--a savings of $120 per year (regular PCNow service will cost $14.95 per month). PCNow also offers true color support, while GoToMyPC is still limited to a paltry 256 colors. If you telecommute only occasionally, we say check out PCNow. But the best deal is LogMeIn, which is free. Setup and installation of PCNow couldn't be easier, both on the host and client side. The first step is to go to the PCNow Web site and set up a new account. Then, log on to that account from the host PC and click Add Computer to automatically install the PCNow "agent" on the system.

Log on to the pcnow.webex.com site from any Windows PC and click Connect to download the client software and connect to your host system.

Once installed, an icon in your system tray indicates whether your system is connected to WebEx's network. Right-click the icon and select Preferences to configure your host computer's options, including your password, whether to blank the screen and lock the keyboard when you connect remotely, and whether to limit access to specific applications or allow remote access to your complete system.

After setting PCNow, leave the host computer running, and from any Windows-based PC with an Internet connection, log on to the pcnow.webex.com site and click the Connect button next to the computer you wish to use (unlike GoToMyPC, the free version of PCNow lets you host up to 10 Windows-based computers). The remote client software then downloads; after it does, type in your password to connect, then open the screen, which exactly matches your host PC's desktop. Since PCNow supports true color display, all of your icons and graphics look just like they do when you're sitting in front of the host monitor. By comparison, GoToMyPC uses 256-bit color, so icons and colors appear raw.

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