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GoToMyPC 4.1 review: GoToMyPC 4.1

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The Good Provides complete remote access to your PC; easy to install and use; robust security and tools for IT administrators.

The Bad Limited to 256 colors; charges pricey subscription fees.

The Bottom Line Easy to use, powerful, and secure, GoToMyPC is the best-known remote access solution for corporate customers, although it's very pricey for individual users.

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7.0 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 7
  • Support 7

Review Sections

GoToMyPC 4.1

Citrix GoToMyPC 4.1, a service that links you to a remote host computer from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world, now includes improved support for Pocket PC mobile devices, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and network installation, but we were disappointed to see that the software remains limited to 256-color support, making photos and color graphics look discolored and banded over the remote connection. With more and more people accessing their remote PCs over broadband Internet connections, this is a pretty big failing. By comparison, relative newcomer WebEx MyWebEx PC offers not only true color support, but also a free, feature-limited version, and the paid version of MyWebEx PC costs half as much as GoToMyPC. Among Windows-based users and small businesses, we think MyWebEx PC is a much better buy. On the corporate side, however, GoToMyPC Corporate edition, with its comprehensive user management features, remains our preferred option for IT administrators. GoToMyPC installs over the Web through a very simple process. You either create your own account on or have one created for you by your system administrator if your business already subscribes to a GoToMyPC plan. Then, via the GoToMyPC Web site, simply download and install a tiny piece of software on the host computer (that is, the computer you'll access from afar). Once installed, GoToMyPC installs an icon in the system tray of the host PC. Right-click the icon, then select Preferences to configure settings, such as your password or choice of local or remote printers.

Both the host and client software download and install easily from

To access your host PC from the road, simply log on to the Web site using any Web browser. If your host computer is turned on, you'll see it listed as available for connection. Click the Connect button to download and run the client software on your remote Windows, Mac OS, or Linux machine. Simply enter your password, and you'll see a new window on your desktop displaying your host Windows PC desktop, just as if you were sitting in front of that monitor. Pull-down menus at the top of the window let you control features such as file transfer and zoom.

On the flip side, when sitting in front of your host computer, you can invite a guest to access your PC, either as a spectator only (for a private sales conference) or by sharing control of your keyboard and mouse (useful for technical support instances). MyWebEx PC does not offer guest privileges. There are also whiteboard and text chat capabilities within GoToMyPC for limited collaboration between two users. For a more complete collaboration and online meeting software, Citrix offers GoToMeeting.

Perhaps because of years without competition in remote desktop-access services, GoToMyPC remains limited to 256 colors, which makes graphics look banded. This shouldn't pose much of a problem for those just checking e-mail or doing word processing, but it makes it difficult to work with photos, since colors are distorted and blocky. The company says it is working on true color support for a future version of the software, but even the free version of competitor MyWebEx PC already offers true color support.

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