A new camera and sensors join Ooma's security roster

Ooma adds a next-generation camera, a siren and a smoke detector to its home security lineup.

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Ooma's lineup grows with next-gen Butterfleye cam and new sensors.

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Ooma at CES  on Tuesday announced a next-gen replacement for the original Butterfleye camera (also called Butterfleye), as well as a siren and a smoke detector. The $200 camera, $40 siren and $60 smoke detector will start shipping in early 2018. (UK and Australian prices weren't available, but that converts to £150 or AU$255 for the camera, £30 or AU$50 for the siren and £45 or AU$75 for the smoke detector.)

Communication and security company Ooma acquired startup Butterfleye in December. Ooma's security offerings for homes and businesses were previously limited to basic accessories like motion detectors and door and window sensors. 

The Butterfleye camera got its start on Indiegogo back in 2015. Pretty innovative at the time (considering the growing trend toward facial recognition), the Butterfleye was supposed to be able to differentiate between people and pets, as well as pick up on sounds. Powered by batteries, the Butterfleye relied on 16GB local storage. 

Ooma says nothing much has changed about the next-gen cam, including the branding, which will keep the Butterfleye name. While the new Butterfleye camera will still be able to operate as a standalone security product, it should also be able to integrate with Ooma's other devices. 

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