Nokia 8800 Arte review: Nokia 8800 Arte

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The Good Solid build quality. 3G connectivity. Bluetooth stereo A2DP. 1GB onboard memory.

The Bad No built-in flash for camera. No Wi-Fi, GPS or HSDPA. Lack of expansion card slot.

The Bottom Line The 8800 Arte is a beautifully crafted phone, but without the high-end specs of others in the Nokia family, it's definitely not one for specification hungry tech-heads.

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8.0 Overall

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Nokia describes the composition of the latest 8800 as a "unique synthesis of high quality glass and metal", however, unique seems a misnomer considering how similar the Arte looks to its predecessor the Sirocco. That said, there's definitely something alluring about the simple elegance of the Arte.

The 8800 feels great to hold and to use. It's noticeably heavier than other handsets, and while we'd often mark the extra heft as a bad point, the Arte has a pleasing weight; it feels solid and durable. The sliding mechanism is amongst the best we've used, and again gives the impression of a high quality build and of a level of craftsmanship absent from cheaper mass-produced models.

The keypad is comprised of small angled keys which we found easy to differentiate when typing quickly, despite being smaller than we'd typically like to see. The glass OLED display is bright and clear, and displays 16 million colours, like most Nokia handsets.

The Arte is also bundled with similarly attractive accessories. Alongside the standard CD-ROM and user manual we discovered a sexy suede carry case and a sleek-looking USB charging stand.