Motorola D&G RAZR V3i review: Motorola D&G RAZR V3i

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The Good Gold overload. Solid, reliable RAZR design. MicroSD card included.

The Bad Gold overload. Overpriced, but that's kind of the point. Camera stills could be better.

The Bottom Line This fashion-focused phone screamed \"tack-o-rama\" according to our simple tastes, but label lovers might be sold on the gold.

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6.4 Overall

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Remember Goldmember, the bizarre Dutch Austin Powers villain who lost a vital organ in an "unfortunate shmelting accident"? This is his phone.

Design? Design is everything in this phone, darlings. Given the D&G V3i is identical in its feature-set to the standard V3i, this review will focus on the several designer modifications that transform it into an haute couture status symbol. For a comprehensive look at the V3i's features and performance, check out the original review.

Now, onto what makes the D&G model unique. Firstly, and most obviously, the whole thing -- inside and out -- has been given a matte gold finish. "DOLCE & GABBANA" is embossed in the fashion label's signature font on the back of the phone, and just in case you forget the name by the time you open the clamshell and power up the device, a throaty, very manly voice purrs "Dolce and Gabbana".

More D&G branding is to be found on the wallpaper of both the internal and external displays, which is -- surprise! -- gold with a large black "D&G". There are also three Dolce & Gabbana-inspired ringtones to alert you when your concierge calls to confirm the bulk beluga order for that party on Saturday night.

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