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Netgear combines cable modem, Wi-Fi and voice service in a new gateway for Comcast

You now can get your own internet equipment even if you use telephone service from Comcast.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo
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The front and back of the new Netgear gateway for Comcast.

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If you're a Comcast internet customer, it's generally a good idea to get your own equipment; you have better control of your network and avoid paying the some $10 monthly rental fee. And now you can do that even if you also use Comcast phone service -- available in the Xfinity Double Play or Xfinity Triple Play plans -- thanks to the new gateway Netgear unveiled today at CES 2017, the Nighthawk C7100V AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router for Xfinity Internet and Voice.

Top broadband speed

If there's something the long-winded name doesn't already include, that'd be the fact that the new Nighthawk C7100V's built-in cable modem is super-fast. Netgear says supporting DOCSIS 3.0 with 24x8 channel bonding (24 downstream and 8 upstream,) it can deliver a broadband download speed of up to 960 megabits per second.

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While this is likely faster than what you're paying for right now, it means the gateway is ready for the future when you want to get faster broadband speed from Comcast.

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The C7100V also includes two integrated telephone lines that support all features of Comcast phone service, including 3-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding and others.

Reliable Wi-Fi

As a Wi-Fi router, the C7100V is the enhanced version of the NightHawk R7000, which is one of the best routers from Netgear. The gateway can deliver the top Wi-Fi speed of up to 1300 megabits per second on the 5GHz band and up to 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, simultaneously, with beam-forming, which helps ensure reliable connections with clients.

The gateway also include a backup battery option (battery sold separately) that allows it to work for up to 8 hours of standby and up to 5 hours of talk time during power outage.


Netgear says the Nighthawk C7100V is easy to setup and can be activated with Comcast via its web interface without a service call. The new gateway is slated to be available later this year with the suggested price of $300.

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