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Minutely for Android review: A unique take on weather forecasts

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The Good Minutely's crowdsourced weather reports greatly enhance its standard forecasts. Submitting a report is dead-simple, and the app doesn't require you to register.

The Bad While the weather maps are neat, they load slowly and are difficult to control. Dynamic search results would be nice. The app needs more users to be considered reliable.

The Bottom Line While Minutely's crowdsourced weather data is certainly a brilliant idea, it still needs an updated interface and more users to be considered a go-to source for weather information.


7.4 Overall
  • Setup 10
  • Features 8
  • Interface 6
  • Performance 7

While most weather apps only get their data from radars and other high-tech resources that sit high in the sky, Minutely takes a different approach by adding crowdsourced weather reports to the mix. Like Waze but for weather, Minutely asks its users to contribute first-hand weather reports to provide more accurate and up-to-the-minute weather data for the masses.

When you first launch Minutely, the app asks you to sign in either with your Facebook or Twitter account. Doing so gives you the ability to share weather data with friends across your social networks, but if you don't care about the feature, then you can just as easily begin using the app without registering. From there, Minutely jumps straight to a page of data for your current location. The primary screen here shows a full-day forecast (with high and low temps for the day), a two-day forecast, and a graph of hourly temperatures for the next 24 hours. Tapping on any of the different areas brings up more information, including a more-detailed full-day forecast, seven-day forecast, or 2-hour rain forecast.

If you tap on the city name up top, a search bar pops up, which lets you switch your current location. The app lets you search for locations around the world, but it's important to note that radar data for the map visualization (more on that later) is only available for the contiguous United States. While the search feature was mostly smooth, I wish it were more dynamic and pulled up matching city names as I typed.

Reporting current weather
Perhaps the best thing about Minutely is that it lets you correct or update weather reports by submitting your own -- a feature that can be extremely useful for large cities, whose weather conditions might differ from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance, since I spend most of my time in San Francisco, a city with notoriously fickle "microclimates," these user-submitted reports can be valuable if I'm traveling to a specific part of town. The problem, though, is that as of now, Minutely doesn't appear to have a large enough user base to make it as reliable as Waze, but it still can be useful

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