Miele's newest dishwasher uses a disk to dispense detergent

The PowerDisk, which automatically dispenses detergent during wash cycles, is more efficient and effective at cleaning, the company says.

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The Miele G7000 dishwasher will include a PowerDisk, a round puck that dispenses powder detergent.

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A new dishwasher will give you three options for your detergent: Liquid, powder or giant hockey puck.

Miele's G7000 dishwashers will include a dispenser for the company's new PowerDisk, a circular product that holds and distributes powder dish detergent. The German manufacturer announced the PowerDisk Wednesday at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. The dishwashers will go on sale in November starting at 2,549 euros. That's about $2,975, £2,310 or AU$4,070. 

The PowerDisk is 15 centimeters wide and four centimeters thick (roughly 5.9 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick) and contains a powder and rinse aid. You put the disk in a special compartment on the inside of the G7000's door. It dispenses 7 grams of detergent each time it rotates during a cleaning cycle, which happens two to four times depending on the cycle. Miele representatives said this will help reduce the amount of detergent you use to wash your dishes.

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Each PowerDisk will cost 8.95 euros, or about $10, £5 or AU$15. They last for about 20 dish cycles. The disks aren't refillable, and you can only buy them from Miele. The company estimates that you'll need to change PowerDisks every two months. If you're not sold on the PowerDisk, the G7000 dishwasher will have traditional dispensers for liquid and powder detergents.

Some G7000 models will also have built-in Wi-Fi which will let you start and stop the dishwasher from your phone. You'll also get reminders when you're almost out of detergent, and you can order more the Miele's app. Other features include a color display and an AutoStart function so you can regularly schedule your cleaning cycles.

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