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Maytag MEDB955FC dryer review: Maytag’s monstrous dryer tackles the biggest loads

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The Good The Maytag MEDB955FC dryer offers a huge 9.2 cubic feet of capacity. It’s attractive and has a sturdy brushed steel exterior. It comes with plenty of special cycles and steam modes.

The Bad It takes longer to dry clothes than other high-capacity dryers. Its control panel has small text and confusing lights. It can’t be stacked, and you can’t place it on a pedestal accessory.

The Bottom Line The Maytag MEDB955FC dryer will draw in large households with its huge capacity, but the Kenmore 69133 is ultimately the better deal.

6.5 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Usability 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6

Huge, tall, even intimidating, the $1,400 Maytag MEDB955FC dryer is truly monstrous. It's equipped with a massive 9.2-cubic-foot capacity drum, enough to swallow two very large loads of wet laundry in one gulp. 

Still, while this dryer's size and design may scream power, its tested performance was a big letdown. Another high-capacity dryer, the $1,100 Kenmore 69133, churns through laundry much faster, costs less, and looks better doing it.

Design and features

The Maytag MEDB955FC dryer is one massive machine. While not quite as tall as Samsung's unique FlexDry DV9900, this Maytag appliance still towers at an imposing height of 43.4 inches. With a depth of 33.5 inches and 29 inches width, the Maytag dryer also has a larger overall footprint than Samsung's beast. Even the Kenmore 69133, one of the biggest dryers we've tested, takes up less space.

The reason for the Maytag dryer's remarkable girth is a gargantuan 9.2-cubic-foot-capacity drum. Built to handle two wet laundry loads from its companion washer at once, the Maytag PowerWash MVWB955FC (6.2 cu. ft.), it's the roomiest dryer we've reviewed.

This Maytag dryer is one big laundry machine. 

Tyler Lizenby

Maytag constructed the machine's exterior from brushed stainless steel trimmed with silver metal accents. Called "Metallic Slate," this color scheme plus a nifty magnetic door latch help the dryer look and feel durable and attractive. If metal isn't your thing, Maytag sells a white version for $100 less.

Running along the appliance's upper-rear edge is its control panel. The design choice mimics the shape of top-loading washing machines and specifically its matching Maytag PowerWash washer. Unfortunately I found the panel confusing to operate. Text labels for the dryer's various settings and functions are tiny and hard to read.

The same goes for their associated LED indicators, minuscule white lights that hover mysteriously above or below these labels. As a result, I had to fiddle with the controls longer than I'd like to make sure I selected the right cycle or setting.

The Maytag's control panel can be confusing. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

There are plenty of dryer cycles to choose from though, 10 in all. This includes cycles to handle everything from Heavy Duty items to Bedding and Delicates. A Steam Refresh mode pumps steam into the drum to relax wrinkles and pull odors from small loads of dry fabric. The feature lets you adjust the temperature of this cycle and many others too. Temperature options range from air dry to high.

I do appreciate the dryer's drum light which allows you to view items inside both when the door is shut or open. It has a dedicated button as well, something surprisingly many dryer models lack.

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