Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer review: Electrolux dryer tackles big laundry loads with luxury looks

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MSRP: $1,099.00

The Good The Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer offers a large 8-cubic-foot capacity to handle big laundry loads. The dryer also provides many cycle settings to treat specific garment items and fabric types with care. The Perfect Steam flaunts a stylish design too that's quite eye-catching.

The Bad While the Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer's main display is easy to read, the dryer's sleek secondary panel is tricky to interpret. You also can't manually control the drum light, which turns on only when the dryer door opens.

The Bottom Line If you need an attractive dryer that tackles big loads of wet clothes and can live with confusing secondary controls, then the Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam is a solid choice.

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7.2 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Usability 6.5
  • Features 7.5
  • Performance 7

Say hello to the $1,100 600 series Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer from Electrolux. Like a lot of modern dryers, it pairs a stylish and eye-catching design with a long list of specialty cycles. The machine also boasts a large 8-cubic-foot capacity to power through large loads and uses steam to smooth out wrinkled fabric and refresh clothing.

That said, though the Electrolux Perfect Steam is luxurious and performs adequately, its control panel could be more clearly laid out. Still, the interface on this dryer is easier to use than many GE models such as the app-connected $1,200 GE GTD86ESPJMC and $1,100 GE GFDS260EFWW, which also comes with an 8-cubic-foot drum. In the end, that usability makes the Perfect Steam the better dryer choice, especially if you prefer not to pay extra for fancy smart-home abilities.


The Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer comes in conservative hues of Island White (like our EFME617IW test model) and Titanium, but it's the striking, circular LED display that helps it stand out. Evocative of stylish Nest smart thermostats, this round display sits at the center of a large control dial. It's bright and engaging; the knob is not only easy to see from a distance but clearly legible from very wide angles, not just when you're facing the dryer head on.

The Perfect Steam's updated design includes a fancy circular LED screen and cycle dial.

Chris Monroe/CNET

I only wish the display could communicate more info. As it stands, most of the screen is consumed by massive digital numbers representing the estimated time remaining in the current cycle. The display will also tell you (in tiny text) when it's time to clean the dryer's lint filter, but that's all.

The appliance's secondary options and settings live on a control panel to the left of the cycle dial. Smooth and with a surface that's flush against the front face of the machine, the panel's capacitive keys activate at a feather-light touch and give the dryer a pleasingly sleek appearance. In practice I found the panel's uniform, text-heavy layout tough to comprehend at a glance. A few more (and larger) symbols or icons would be a big help here.

The secondary controls are mostly text and tiny lights.

Chris Monroe/CNET

I appreciate that both the Perfect Steam EFME617S and its washing machine partner, the $1,100 Perfect Steam EFLS617S, support stackable arrangements to save space or better accommodate your laundry room floorplan. Additionally you can outfit these appliances with handy pedestal accessories ($299 per) which function as storage drawers and raise their front-loading doors to an easier-to-reach level.


The Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer is equipped with enough specialty cycles to properly handle everything from towels, casual wear and heavy-duty items to delicates. Nine cycles in all, the dryer also creates steam to instantly "refresh" clothes which may have been sitting in the drum or hanging in the closet too long. Called "Instant Refresh" by Electrolux, and similar to LG's "Steam Refresh" function, the cycle takes just 10 minutes to complete. The GE GTD86ESPJMC dryer has a similar ability, but it requires a slightly longer period (16 minutes).

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