LG Infinia 55LX9500

The LG Iinfinia 55LX9500 is the company's flagship LCD and it features a dimmable LED backlight, 3D capabilities, and BigPond Movies.

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Ty Pendlebury
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While actress Natassia Malthe's predictionsof bigger and better things from Scarlet never eventuated, television design has nevertheless been a high priority for LG ever since. Instead of bight red TVs with a whacking great hole in them, LG has gone in the exact opposite direction by making the panel and not the bezel the star. Borderless, Infinia and RazorFrame are all LG inventions and aim to make the screen a seamless part of your living room. Sony has seemingly followed this lead with the release of its NX700 televisions.

On a recent trip to Korea we were especially impressed by the design of the LX9500 but a bit wary of the lead designer's claim that the TV "resonated a '3D feeling'". It is a flat surface after all. But the emphasis is valid one as this is a 3D television in the modern sense — it comes with a pair of glasses and lets you watch 3D movies, games (via the PS3) and will be the first to support 3D photos in the form of the Multi Picture Format.

The TV is full of non-3D tech as well, and it features an LED backlight which is locally dimmable, and based on the demos we've seen it is capable of a higher contrast of anything else we've ever seen. It did seem to have some issues with blooming around contrasting images though, but apparently the dimming feature can be turned off if you don't like the effect. We look forward to testing the 47-inch shortly.

The TV is the first to support BigPond Movies via its Netcast service, and will eventually go on to provide a suite of IPTV channels in a service Telstra is calling Bigpond TV. Other video services such as YouTube are also be available with the click of your remote control.

LG has also announced pricing for additional glasses with the AG-S100's being available for AU$99 making them the cheapest rechargeables on the market, and half the price of Panasonic's coin-battery models.

Ty Pendlebury travelled to Korea as a guest of LG.