LG gives a damn about Scarlet

LG spends a lot of money on the launch party for its new viral advertising campaign, but will the TVs themselves stack up?

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Ty Pendlebury
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LG unveiled its newest LCD television range last night amid an overwhelming amount of cocktails, fashion, Z-grade celebrity — and not much tech.

The "Scarlet" viral campaign — the brainchild of some guy who directed three episodes of Entourage, and which was repeated last night — spoke of a new TV series but for the first two hours there wasn't a TV to be seen.

When they were finally unveiled, though, the TVs themselves were very swanky looking indeed with the focal point being on the big, HAL 9000-like power button. The "Scarlet" in the name refers partly to the red colouring found on the power button in its "off" state, as well as on the rear of the TV.

There are two different ranges of Scarlet TVs, with the 650 series boasting 100Hz while the 600 Series doesn't. Other features include an "invisible speaker" tuned by Mark Levinson (although whether it was by the man himself or his company is unclear), full 1080p resolution and four HDMI ports.

The back of the TV may be scarlet, but who's gonna see it?

The company also showed off its LG Scarlet Home Theatre System at the event which mimicked the Loewe TV styling. All the products — including a line of plasmas — are apparently available right now, while the home cinema is coming in June.

Natassia Malthe, the face of Scarlet and Uwe Bolle muse, told CNET.com.au at the event that there was "more to come" for Scarlet but she wasn't able to elaborate on what that meant.

While Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton may have felt duped that the "series" wasn't the TV show they were expecting when the campaign launched in LA last month, we thought the cat was pretty much out of the bag by the time last night rolled around. But we do wonder how many of the Big Brother and Next Top Model contestants in attendance at last night's launch: a) knew or b) cared. Especially as we overheard one young lady ask at the end of the night when the show was going to air …