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Kohler’s newest mirror brings Alexa into the bathroom

Kohler is smartening nearly every fixture in the bathroom, starting with the new Alexa-enabled Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror.

Molly Price Former Editor
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Kohler is bringing Amazon's Alexa into the bathroom with the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror. It's the center of Kohler's new line of connected bathroom fixtures you can control with Alexa voice commands or through the new Kohler Konnect app.


Kohler's newest mirror in the Verdera line has a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Verdera line of mirrors already existed sans smarts. Kohler is adding a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker to the bottom of the newest version of Verdera. The speaker is encased for protection against common bathroom water use. Two front-facing microphones register your voice, while touch controls manually adjust speaker volume and mirror light levels. The mirror's light comes from two LEDS mounted vertically on either side of the glass.

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The lighting comes with two convenience features. A motion-detecting night light to guide you through the bathroom in the dark. Then sensors beneath the mirror also raise light levels when someone stands in front of it.

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The built-in Amazon Alexa speaker includes touch controls for sound and light, as well as two front-facing microphones. 

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Kohler hasn't announced pricing for the Alexa-enabled Verdera mirror, but the current Verdera line of lighted mirrors are quite expensive, ranging from $798 to $1,335 depending on size. The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror will be 33 inches tall and available in widths of 24, 34 and 40 inches, and it's slated for a March release.

The Verdera mirror is clearly the centerpiece of Kohler's connected bath, being the only product with Alexa built in. It's the first bathroom mirror we've seen with voice-assistant technology. Previous attempts at smarter mirrors, like the $400 Bluetooth-enabled Viio Vezzo fell short of our expectations. Kohler's smarter and pricier line of mirrors aims to do better in delivering Alexa into the most private of spaces.

The remainder of Kohler's tech-infused lineup does work with Alexa skills and the Kohler Konnect app, but doesn't actually house the Alexa assistant. We traveled to the company town of Kohler, Wisconsin to take a look at everything Kohler is working on for a connected bathroom experience. You can read all about that here.

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