Kodak Hero 9.1 review: Kodak Hero 9.1

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The Good Large touchscreen; Good print quality; Double sided printing; Automatic document feeder.

The Bad Combined colour ink cartridge; Sluggish print speeds.

The Bottom Line Crisp print quality, low running costs and a broad range of features make the Kodak Hero 9.1 a good multi-function model. However, its sluggish print speeds and reliance on a single colour cartridge are letdowns.

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8.3 Overall

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The Kodak Hero 9.1 is the top-of-the-range, consumer-focused model in Kodak's new line-up of printers. Its headline features include double-sided printing, colour touchscreen control, a dedicated photo paper tray and Wi-Fi and Ethernet support. You can buy it direct form Kodak's online store for £200.


The Kodak Hero 9.1 follows pretty closely the design aesthetic of the three previous Hero models. The chassis is essentially a big rectangle that's finished in gloss and matte black. However, Kodak has also added a brushed metal effect to the two plastic panels on either side of the paper tray as well as an attractive red highlight that runs along the edge of the scanner lid. It all adds up to quite a premium look.

Kodak Hero 9.1 all-in-one inkjet printer
The Kodak Hero 9.1 has a premium look.

The premium feel is further enhanced by this model's 4.3-inch touchscreen. This is huge compared to most other printers on the market and is a real boon when it comes to selecting pictures that you want to print from this model's front-mounted memory card reader or USB port. It also makes setting up and using the printer a cinch. For example, when you're configuring Wi-Fi on the printer, there's a full Qwerty keyboard displayed onscreen, making it speedy to enter you network password.

Kodak Hero 9.1 printer touchscreen
The model boasts a bigger touchscreen than most printers.

Unlike a lot of models that we see, the Hero 9.1's paper tray has two compartments -- one for standard A4 sheets and a second one just for photo paper. This means that you don't have to take out your pile of standard paper when you just want to print off a couple of snaps. The photo paper tray is powered as well, so you don't need to manually push it. The paper tray holds 100 standard sheets, which although not huge, should be enough for small office duties. The photo tray holds 40 sheets.

If you hook the printer up via Ethernet or Wi-Fi you can take advantage of Kodak's cloud printing service that lets you email documents to the printer from pretty much anywhere in the world. The printer is also Google Cloud ready, so you can use it with Google's Cloud Printing service without having to have it always connected to a PC.

Setting it up

As with the previous Hero models, the set-up process for this one is very straightforward. It's really just a matter of taking off all the protective tags, turning it on and inserting the semi-permanent printhead and then mounting the two ink cartridges, which click firmly into place. Once that's done, you can load up the drivers on your PC and choose to connect it to your computer either via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or directly using USB. You can set up Wi-Fi and Ethernet directly from the printer, but you'll still need to load the drivers on your computer in order to send jobs to the printer.

Scanning and copying

The scanner lid houses an automatic document feeder. This lets you to scan or fax multi-page documents without requiring you to manually place each sheet on the glass surface. It can only deal with one side of a page, whereas Kodak's Office Hero 6.1 can copy or scan both sides automatically.

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