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Jabra Speak 410 review: Jabra Speak 410

The Speak 410 is optimized to work with Microsoft Lync, a software and service that allows for real-time communication across an enterprise. We don't happen to have this software, but fortunately the Speak 410 is also compatible with other VoIP applications like Skype. We made a couple of Skype calls with friends of ours, and voice quality sounded great on both ends. They sounded very clear with great volume, and they said we sounded quite impressive as well. The Speak 410 has an omnidirectional microphone, so that everyone in the same room can join in the conversation, too.

We also tested the Speak 410 as a speaker for music. We were very pleased with it on the whole. Songs sounded great when blasted at a high volume, and we felt the speaker throb as bass-heavy music played. Certainly, the bass is not as good as dedicated stereo systems, but it was good enough for a small speaker like this. To our untrained ears, it sounded great.

In conclusion, the Speak 410 is a fantastic little portable speakerphone for the occasional conference call, and it works as a decent speaker for music too. We do wish there was some sort of Bluetooth option to justify its high price, however.

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