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Jabra Clipper (Black) review: Jabra Clipper (Black)

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The Good The Jabra Clipper is small and portable, and clips easily to clothing. It has a 3.5mm headset jack so you can use your own headphones. Sound quality is admirable for the price.

The Bad The Jabra Clipper doesn't have very good noise canceling or wind noise reduction properties. The volume buttons are a tad on the small side.

The Bottom Line The Jabra Clipper is a great option for those who want a stereo Bluetooth headset but still want to use their favorite wired headphones.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 8

Stereo Bluetooth headsets are a great idea for those who want to be rid of entangled wires, but many people don't want to give up their precious earbuds either. Luckily, there is a compromise: you can get a stereo Bluetooth pendant like the Jabra Clipper, which lets you use your own headphones. Of course, it comes with a set of earbuds if you don't have your own. As the name suggests, the Clipper clips easily onto clothing for a more portable wearing style. Even though the Clipper retails for $59.99, you can get it for as low as $40 if you shop around online. As with all stereo Bluetooth devices, the Jabra Clipper only works with A2DP-capable handsets.

The Jabra Clipper is really more of a Bluetooth clip than it is a headset. All of the controls are housed inside a small 1.8-inch-long-by-1.0-inch-wide-by-0.7-inch-thick unit. The clip narrows down to around 0.4 inch thick, and has a small opening in the middle so you can clip it to your clothing--a jacket, T-shirt, or thin sweater would do fine. We did find that it's a little difficult to fit the Clipper over thick sweaters though--Jabra suggests the maximum thickness of clothing to be around 4mm or 0.16 inch.

The Clipper is coated in a rubbery soft touch material. Located on the front is the multifunction button with the volume controls on either side, surrounding it in a circle. The buttons are all raised above the surface, so they are easy to press by feel. We did think the volume controls were a bit on the small side, however. On the right side of the Clipper is a 3.5mm headset jack. You can use the provided wired earbuds with the Clipper, or you can use your own. Also on the Clipper is a tiny microphone located above the volume button. Because of this, you do need to place the Clipper somewhere around the collar for the best outgoing audio.

We paired the Jabra Clipper with the Apple iPhone 4 and used the provided earbuds. The earbuds fit very comfortably in the ear, and we like that Jabra included a few different-size earbud options, too.

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