Jabra Stone 2 review: Jabra Stone 2

MSRP: $129.99

The Good The Jabra Stone 2 has a stylish and unique design that encapsulates the headset inside a charger. The fit is effortless, comfortable, and discreet. Updated features include voice guidance alerts and voice controls.

The Bad The Jabra Stone 2's audio quality is average at best, with quite a bit of digital noise in outgoing calls. We're not fans of the touch-sensitive volume rocker, and the Stone 2 only fits in the right ear.

The Bottom Line The Jabra Stone 2 is undoubtedly elegant with several advanced features to boot, but it does have a downside in performance.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 6

The Jabra Stone Bluetooth headset, which was introduced almost a year ago, was one of a few Bluetooth headsets we thought was stylish enough to not trigger too much embarrassment when worn. That is due to its unique and discreet design that stays close to the ear, looking more like modern jewelry than a telemarketer headpiece. The second iteration, the Jabra Stone 2, has thankfully kept the same design, but now has many more features to keep up with the competition. The Jabra Stone 2 is available for $129.99 retail.

As we mentioned, the Jabra Stone 2 has the same design as the original. It's in the shape of a comma, or a curved hook, housed inside a smooth and round portable charger. The headset comes with four ergonomic ear gels that feel super comfortable in the ear. In fact, we found it completely effortless to slip the headset on and off. The only difference between the Stone 2 and the Stone's design is that the Stone 2 comes in glossy and leather finishes, in contrast to the original Stone's smooth pebble feel. The glossy finish is available from AT&T stores, while the leather version is from Verizon. For more details on the Stone 2's design, we'll point you to the review of the first Jabra Stone so we don't repeat ourselves.

The Jabra Stone 2 has the usual headset features like answering, ending, and rejecting calls, last number redial, voice command support, and multipoint technology so that it can connect to two devices simultaneously. It also has support for A2DP streaming, or stereo Bluetooth, so you can listen to music or turn-by-turn directions via the headset as well.

A couple of new features in the Jabra Stone 2 are voice controls and voice guidance, both of which are in other high-end headsets like the Jawbone Era and the BlueAnt Q2, so it's good to see Jabra finally catch up to its competitors. The voice guidance in the Stone 2 provides caller ID, even announcing the caller's name if he or she is in your contacts list. There's also a pairing tutorial, battery status updates, and more. As for voice control, you can choose to answer or ignore a call simply by saying "Answer" and "Ignore" to an incoming call.

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