Hannspree SJ42DMBB review: Hannspree SJ42DMBB

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The Good Noisy pictures; Poor black levels; Weedy sound.

The Bad Stylish design disguises budget set.

The Bottom Line The Hannspree SJ42DMBB has an attractive price tag, but the 42-inch TV's rough-and-ready picture quality means it doesn't offer great value for money.

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6.5 Overall

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Hannspree is probably best known for producing computer monitors, but the company now also makes budget TVs. At around £400, the 1080p, LCD Hannspree SJ42DMBB is one of the cheapest 42-inchers you can buy, but has this rock-bottom price tag led to compromised picture performance?

Cheap dressed as steep

Apart from its rather deep chassis, which measures 97mm thick, the set's design does little to give away its budget origins. The bezel around the screen is narrower than that of Toshiba's 40RV753, for example, and its glossy black finish and chrome bar across the bottom of the display combine to make it reasonably attractive by budget TV standards.

It might look like a sleek and stylish high-end set, but the SJ42DMBB is very much a budget telly.

The SJ42DMBB has a standard-definition Freeview tuner, so if you want access to the high-definition channels offered by the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, you'll need to invest in an external Freeview HD or freesat HD box. There's no Ethernet port or Wi-Fi on board, so you don't get any of the fancy media-streaming or internet services that you do on sets from the likes of LG and Samsung. There is a side-mounted USB port but, unfortunately, this is for service use only and doesn't support digital-media playback as you would perhaps expect.

Apart from this, the range of connection options around the back is pretty good. There are three HDMI ports plus a set of component inputs for hooking up your high-definition kit. For those still stuck in the analogue world, Hannspree has provided two Scart sockets. There's also an optical-audio output so you can feed audio from the set's Freeview tuner to an external surround-sound decoder.

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