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Toshiba Regza RV (40RV753) review: Toshiba Regza RV (40RV753)

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The Good Resolution+ upscales SD pictures well; Vibrant colour; good value for money.

The Bad Motion artefacts visible in fast-moving scenes; Blacks could be deeper.

The Bottom Line At £450, the 40-inch Toshiba Regza RV40RV753 television represents good value for money. It's capable of producing impressive pictures from both high and standard-definition material.

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8.3 Overall

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LED sets may be grabbing all the headlines lately due to their super-slim designs, but if you want value for money, TVs with traditional CCFL backlighting still have lots to offer. Take the Regza 40RV753 from Toshiba, for example. It gives you a rather large 40 inches of 1080p screen space plus a Freeview HD tuner for just £450.

Thicker not quicker

After being spoilt by the plethora of slimline LED sets we've had in for review recently, the Regza RV looks rather chunky in comparison. Still, if you're not wall-mounting your display, does it really matter how thin the chassis is? Probably not. That said, Toshiba's workmanlike design doesn't help matters. The square lines and all-black finish give it a rather staid and straight-laced look. It certainly lacks the design flair of some of the curvier displays from the likes of Samsung and LG.

Setting up the TV is quite straightforward. There's an on-board Freeview HD tuner, so if you live in an area that's covered by terrestrial high-definition broadcasts, you'll find BBC, Channel 4 and ITV HD services listed alongside the standard-definition channels in the Freeview electronic programme guide.

The EPG itself is pretty efficient as it displays a fair deal of programming information in one go. The set is noticeably slower at changing channels than the majority of today's models, however, which may be an issue if you tend to channel-surf by flicking up and down rather than simply picking what to watch with the EPG.

The Regza RV’s EPG can display a heap of programming info in one go.

Toshiba has kitted the set out with plenty of connection options, so you should have no problem hooking up external AV gear. There are four HDMI ports as well as a set of component inputs, two Scart sockets, a VGA port and a composite socket. For digital-media playback, Toshiba has also added two USB ports as well as an Ethernet socket. One of the USB ports can be equipped with a Wi-Fi dongle if you'd rather go wireless than use Ethernet cables, but the dongle is pricey at around £50.

The set's digital-media playback capabilities are a tad disappointing, mainly due to a lack of video format support. The TV plays MPEG video, so you won't be able to watch your collection of DivX, Xvid and MKV files. This is unfortunate, especially since sets from rivals like LG support these formats.

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