Electrolux rolls out AEG fridges with modular shelves in Europe

Picky about the way you keep your groceries organized? Then Electrolux-owned AEG has the fridges for you.

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BERLIN -- Putting an emphasis on flexible food storage, Electrolux introduced new modular refrigerators with mix-and-match shelves at the IFA trade show here in Germany this week. The new fridges fall under the brand name of AEG, a German manufacturer acquired by Electrolux in a series of deals dating back to 1994.

Mix 'n' match with the Electrolux AEG Custom-Flex fridge (pictures)

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Electrolux calls those shelves "Custom-Flex" bins. Essentially, they replace the standard, fixed in-door shelves with a mix-and-match approach. You'll find a series of recessed grooves inside the door, allowing you to clip each bin into place wherever you like. If you need to make room for taller items below, you can slide the bin above out of the way. There are also clip attachments made to hold small, bagged items like cheese and snacks.

In addition to the Custom-Flex bins in the door, the new models offer a "FlexiShelf" in the body of the fridge with two halves capable of sliding and folding into the best position for whatever it is you're trying to store. There's also a "TwinTech" cooling system with separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer sections, as well as multiple air currents in the body of the fridge for more even cooling from region to region. With the separate evaporators, Electrolux promises fresher food, with dryer air going to the freezer and more humid air going to the fridge. You'll manage all of it using an LCD display on the front of the fridge.

All told, four Custom-Flex models with slight size variations are being introduced this week: the S53630CSXF, the S53431CNXF, the S73939CNXF and the S63439CNXF. AEG-branded refrigerators are aimed primarily at the European market, so don't expect to see them in the US any time soon. You can, however, already find a version of those Custom-Flex door bins in certain Frigidaire models available in the US (Frigidaire is another Electrolux-owned brand).

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With a wider rollout of the feature headed Europe's way -- and one that looks at least a little bit more refined than what we saw in those Frigidaire models -- don't be surprised to see new Custom-Flex models on sale in other parts of the world, too. Along with Frigidaire, Electrolux owns brands like Kelvinator in Australia (and maybe GE Appliances in the US, if they can get past the Justice Department).

Pricing and availability for the AEG Custom-Flex models isn't finalized yet, but you should expect to start seeing them by next year.

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