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Creative ZiiO review: Creative ZiiO

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The Good Large, 10-inch screen; reasonably powerful 1GHz processor; storage can be expanded with SD cards.

The Bad Resistive touchscreen; no multi-touch support; no access to Android Market; unresponsive touch-sensitive buttons.

The Bottom Line The 10-inch Creative ZiiO Android tablet may be tempting at such a low price, but its uninspiring touchscreen, lack of access to the Android Market, and annoyingly unresponsive touch-sensitive buttons mean it's not much fun to use.

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5.5 Overall

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Apple's iPad 2 may be difficult to beat when it comes to all round user-friendliness and performance, but not everyone can afford the £400 asking price of the entry-level model. This is where cheaper tablets come in, such as the 10-inch Creative ZiiO. It runs on Android and aims to give you many of the features of the iPad 2, but for the bargain-basement price of just £200 or so.

Design and ports

The ZiiO lacks the premium feel of higher-end tablets, but that's to be expected, and it actually doesn't look too bad. The chassis is made primarily from matte black plastic, with a fairly thick glossy border around the screen.

The ZiiO is relatively slim, at 14mm thick, and feels quite light -- something that certainly wasn't the case with the original iPad. The glossy border houses the four touch-sensitive buttons familiar from other Android devices, along with three controls for music and video playback.

At the top left-hand corner, there's a VGA camera, while the left-hand side houses an SD card slot that lets you expand the built-in 8GB of memory using cards of up to 32GB in size. This edge is also home to a mini-HDMI output, along with a mini-USB port that's used for syncing content with a PC. You can't charge the device over USB though -- instead you have to use the supplied wall adaptor.

The ZiiO offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but doesn't support 3G. 

Processor speed

The ZiiO is built around Creative's own ZiiLabs ZMS-08 chip, which in turn is based on an ARM Cortex-A9 design. It's a 1GHz chip with just a single core, so its performance isn't exactly mind-blowing.

Still, the ZiiO doesn't feel too sluggish and it's far quicker than the Archos Arnova 10, for example. Games like Angry Birds play at a decent speed and, as the processor has been tweaked for media playback, it has no problem dealing with hi-def video files.

Android Froyo

The ZiiO runs Android 2.2 Froyo rather than 2.3 Gingerbread, or the tablet-specific 3.0 Honeycomb. Although Froyo supports Flash, the ZiiO actually doesn't.

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