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Canon Pixma MG6250 review: Canon Pixma MG6250

The Canon MG6250 is a great option if you're big into photography, offering an excellent scanner, high quality photos and CD printing.

Niall Magennis Reviewer
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Niall Magennis
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The Canon Pixma MG6250 is an all-in-one model that's primarily aimed at photo enthusiasts.


Canon Pixma MG6250

The Good

Fast print speed; Great quality output; High-resolution scanner; Direct CD/DVD printing.

The Bad

Lacks touchscreen control; Print costs are a little high.

The Bottom Line

The Canon MG6250 is a great option for people who are big into photography. It has an excellent scanner and produces very high quality photo prints. There's plenty more on offer, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet support, direct CD/DVD printing and dual paper trays.

Along with its printing, scanning and copying features, it also offers direct CD/DVD printing, Wi-Fi support and duplex printing.

You can buy it online for around £135.


Like most of Canon's other all-in-one models, when closed up, this one looks like a big black lozenge, thanks to the very pronounced curves on its corners. As all of the visible sides are finished in a high-gloss black, it appears more sophisticated than many of its competitors.

Canon Pixma MG6250 CD/DVD printing
The Canon Pixma MG6250 can print directly to CD/DVDs by slotting in a tray.

This is already quite a large printer before you extend the various paper handling trays. When these are fully pulled out it does takes up quite a lot of desk space. There are two paper input trays; along with the vertical one at the rear, this model has a cassette-style, slot-in tray at the front.

Both of these can accept up to 150 sheets of paper at a time. The trays can auto-detect the type of paper that's loaded in each so you don't have to select paper types in the print driver when you switch between different media.

The right-hand edge is home to a memory card reader with slots for CF, SD and memory stick cards. Beneath this there's a PictBridge-compatible USB port, so you can print directly from cameras or memory keys. In the box you'll find a tray that you can load CD/DVDs onto. This slots into the body of the machine for direct printing.

Canon Pixma MG6250 screen
It lacks a touchscreen but the controls are simple to use.

Canon has added a pretty large 3-inch colour screen to the scanner lid. Unlike the displays on the likes of the Lexmark S605 or Kodak Hero 7.1, it isn't a touchscreen. Instead there's a touch-panel beneath that lights up buttons according to which functions you've selected in the menus. It's not as immediate as using a touchscreen, but you soon get the hang of it.


With USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi onboard, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting how you'll connect this printer to your computer. No matter which option you choose, set-up won't take you very long as the installation software guides you through the process on a step-by-step basis.

Installing the ink cartridges is quick and painless as it's simply a matter of lifting the scanner mechanism and slotting each of the six cartridges into the print head. An LED light shows you when the cartridges are properly in place.

High-quality scanning

The flatbed scanner at the top of this unit has a very high optical resolution of 4,800x4,800dpi. This helps it do an excellent job of scanning photos. Scans capture very impressive levels of finer detail and colours are also highly accurate.

The scanner is pretty quick too, something which helps when it comes to photocopying. This model took just 16 seconds to produce a black and white copy of our test page. Copy quality was first rate.

Speed, quality and cost

In keeping with the other Pixma models we've tested, this one shows a great turn of speed when it comes to printing documents and photos. It delivered our 10-page black and white text document in 1 minute and 5 seconds and took 2 minutes and 55 seconds to produce five double-sided pages of the same document.

Colour printing is fast too. It pumped out our graphics test in 3 minutes flat and finished our 10-page business presentation in 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Photo printing was also very rapid -- a mere 35 seconds to churn out our 4x6-inch test snap.

Canon Pixma MG6250 colour printing
This model uses six ink cartridges as it has separate black cartridges for text and photo printing, as well as an extra greyscale cartridge.

Print quality is a cut above the competition. Text is rich and dark on the page, while colours in our presentation and graphics documents really did look the business. Photos also have a depth and clarity that most other inkjet models would struggle to achieve.

Part of the reason why the print quality is so good is that this model's print engine relies on six ink cartridges -- three colour ones, two black ones (for text and photos), and a separate cartridge for greyscale.

It certainly doesn't offer the cheapest print costs though. A black and white print will set you back 3.6p per page, while a colour sheet works out at 9.3p. Both of these figures include 0.7p for paper costs. If you want top-notch print quality, then you may feel the little extra cost per page, compared with some of its competitors, is worth paying for.


Overall, the MG6250 is an excellent choice for those who want a multi-function device with excellent photo features and a high-resolution scanner.

However, the MG6250's skills don't end with photo handling. It also produces great quality text and graphics documents and has some handy extras like direct CD/DVD photo printing. It all adds up to a very compelling package.