Don't look now: Bosch's security cam can recede into its shell like a turtle

The 360-degree security cam hides in its shell when you want some privacy.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Capable of seeing everything and nothing, the Bosch 360 indoor camera can turn and look in any direction. The lens also recedes into its shell with a tap, should you need some privacy.

Introduced today at the IFA trade show here in Berlin, the camera's part of a trio of new Bosch smart home products announced as the appliance manufacturer pushes further into connected convenience.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The indoor connected cam includes motion sensors, an intercom for two-way audio and infrared night vision so you can watch over your house at any hour. When it senses something, it records HD footage to local storage, and you can use your phone to watch clips, or live footage.

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If you don't want it spying on you when you're home, you can tap the top or tell it to recede via the app, and the top of the cam will duck into the body. The demo of this tickled me -- the camera reminded me of a shy turtle when it pulled its head down.

The camera will roll out starting at the end of this year in Europe. A Bosch representative promised it'll come to the US at some point down the road after that. The recommended price is 250 euros, which converts to roughly $280, AU$370 or £210. That's a little pricey, as it's more than our current favorite smart home cams -- the Nest Cam and Piper -- so it'll need to be more than cute to keep up with the competition.