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Maximise your digital fun with a media centre and gaming PC

Your entertainment-related upgrade choices range from media centre to prebuilt gaming PC to help maximise your enjoyment whenever you take time off to have fun

Your entertainment-related upgrade choices range from media centre to prebuilt gaming PC to help maximise your enjoyment whenever you take time off to have fun

Too often we let fun and relaxation slip down the list of priorities, but if the lockdown has taught us anything, it's that it is essential to stop and enjoy yourself to keep your mind happy and healthy. Worries surround us, but we can't let them overwhelm us. Making the active choice to relax and to focus on something fun and positive is not frivolous. It's fantastic.

The latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors help us to maximise any effort to have fun on a computer screen.


When we are being careful and staying home, screens are an important window to enjoying ourselves through entertainment and connection with friends that we can't be with in person. Having fun while apart is about so much more than just the now ubiquitous video calls. We can share that time in more engaging ways by watching shows together or playing games together.

For those who are looking to add some fun to their group video chats, there are a range of watch party services available that help to synchronise watching Youtube and Netflix together while hanging out online. Check out Scener or TwoSeven to see what's possible.

Running a video chat alongside a streaming video puts more demand on your system than just the network performance, as running multiple smooth high definition video streams through a web browser can put quite a load on the processor. If you want to avoid low quality visuals, muddy audio, or just losing access to your friends while you watch, an up to date system can make it all much more enjoyable.

And with the latest Wi-Fi 6 built into Intel's latest processors, your system is future proofed to ensure you will have the best wireless networking possible the next time you upgrade your home Wi-Fi.

Even if you're just keen to chill with a TV show or movie on your own, a new 10th Gen Intel Core processor can help to watch movies at the highest quality on a home theatre PC. New processors now natively support 4K HDR video, including the latest Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos 3D sound standards. Never could you curl up in bed while enjoying picture and sound quality like it was intended to be seen and heard in the cinema.

For many, gaming is where cutting edge PC performance really shines, and in 2020, there's a great option of a prebuilt gaming PC with 10th Gen Intel Core processor. Intel's Iris Plus integrated graphics runs up to 2x faster than an 8th Gen processor, so most buyers will see a big boost in native performance. The latest chips also support DirectX 12 – the bedrock of the latest in Windows gaming – so it can handle even the newest games in high definition resolutions.

For those always on the go, your laptop battery life will be increased with the 10th Gen Intel Core processor.

If you're eager to blow the roof off with pc gaming, a 10th Gen Core processor alongside a dedicated graphics card will see you immersed within your game on the biggest, widest, highest resolution screens on the market. There's no limit and nothing to slow you down even when playing online with friends or playing in front of an audience as you live stream to the world. Streaming can put extra load on a PC, potentially causing slowdowns or lower frame rates, but with the latest processors – running up to 10 cores – you can play and stream games at the same time.

If you thought you enjoyed time with friends on a video call, VR takes it to the next level. The latest HTC Vive Sync virtual reality software can make you feel closer together than you thought possible while being apart. Visit a shared online VR space to hold virtual meetings or just spend time with friends. The latest processors have made VR ready laptops more widely available than ever.

Whether you're trying to have fun with friends or just want to disappear into science fiction or fantasy worlds on your own, everyone deserves to take their fun more seriously than ever before. Fun is a weapon to wield against the troubled world we find ourselves in. If you're ready to upgrade and enjoy the highest quality entertainment on PCs, the arrival of 10th Gen Intel Core processors has made it the perfect time to buy.

Find out more at your preferred retailer Officeworks or JB HI-FI. This article is part of a series, and you can see how you can enhance creativity with digital arts and music production on PC.