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Your turn: What's the best deal you've found today?

What, I have to do all the heavy lifting around here? Just for today, it's up to Cheapskate readers to go forth and bring back the Web's sweetest deals.

Talk about a sweet deal! Starbucks Free Pastry Day happens Tuesday morning. Um, shouldn't they call it Free Pastry Morning? Starbucks

Okay, I give up. I spent all morning digging and searching for a killer deal--then a decent deal-- and finally just a deal that wouldn't get me laughed out of the blogosphere. Know what? Got nothing.

I mean, sure, there's the Epson Stylus 1400 wide-format printer for $149.99, which is a good price--but how many people really need a wide-format printer? (Actually, they're great for cranking out giant photos, custom art, etc.)

And, yeah, I snagged a three-year subscription to Men's Health for $17.97 (with coupon code 3201). But that's hardly headline-worthy.

So just this one time, my friends, I turn the reins over to you. Hit the comments and share a sweet deal you've found today. (It can literally be "sweet," too, like this free pastry offer from Starbucks, available next Tuesday morning.)

After all, it's Friday. Michigan is enjoying some unseasonably gorgeous weather. I'm going outside to play. Then I'm gonna root for the Spartans in tonight's first-round NCAA Tournament game. And crack a beer.

Of course, I'll poke my head back in a few times to see what you've come up with. I know you'll deliver the goods, Cheapskaters!

Epson Stylus Photo 1400