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You can only buy this colorful, unique iPad Pro in one place

You might need to shield your eyes after you behold this one-off iPad Pro donated by the Apple Design Team for a museum's charity auction.

You'll need sunglasses to look at the back of this iPad Pro.


You can stroll into an Apple Store and select an iPad Pro in your choice of three colors: silver, space gray or gold. Or you can help out London's Design Museum during a charity auction and select an iPad Pro in an almost indescribable shade of yellow/green. Apple's Design Team donated the inscribed "Edition 1 of 1" tablet to raise money for the contemporary design museum.

The 12.9-inch iPad auction includes the device, a Smart Cover and a dark-orange Apple Pencil. The Smart Cover is obviously deep blue, but the color of the iPad itself is a bit more difficult to describe. You might call it dandelion, chartreuse or mustard mixed with lime. It will certainly stand out in the iPad crowd.

The iPad goes up for sale through the Phillips auction house on April 28 and is expected to fetch up to £15,000, which works out to about $21,400 or AU$27,600. It's considerably more than your run-of-the-mill silver iPad costs, but that's the price you pay to help out a cool museum and become the owner of the world's only chartreuse iPad Pro.

(Via The Verge)