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X-mini shows off vintage-inspired Bluetooth speaker at CES

Besides the X-mini Supa 2 for retro lovers, the company also displays its new Twisx and Click 3 speakers.


The Supa 2 comes with a handle and a remote, the X-mini Twisx looks like a water bottle and the Click 3 (between them) is small enough to fit into your palm.


Singapore-based X-mini has long since moved on from its capsule speaker days, and its new designs at CES 2019 will definitely turn some heads.

New this time is the Supa 2, which like the original Supa is inspired by vintage speakers. This time around though, the Bluetooth speaker comes with a handle for carrying and is also capable of serving as a stand. The Supa 2 is also the first X-mini speaker to pack a six-driver system, with four actives and two passive radiators for more bass.

Other features include a Smart Magnetic Maestro remote, which attaches to the Supa 2, and turns it on when you remove it. It can be used to control the playback, volume and EQ, as well as for answering phone calls.


The new X-mini Twisx fits into a bicycle's bottle cage.


Next is the Twisx, which looks like a water bottle when it's standing up. Weighing 383 grams (0.84 pounds), the Twisx is IPX5 water-resistant. Instead of using buttons to skip tracks, you twist the cap, which X-mini calls the Twisx Control. You can also pause or play music by pressing down on the cap. 

The Twisx boasts a 12-watt triple driver system and has a X.Bass EQ setting for even more pounding beats. The best part about the Twisx design though, is that it fits into a bicycle's bottle cage, so you can pedal along to music if you like.

Lastly, although the company's mostly done with its capsule speakers, there's still the Click 3. The tiny speaker fits in your palm but is still capable of pumping out the music with its 40mm driver. It also works with your phone as a camera shutter release button -- you double click on it to take pictures with your phone -- and now comes with a LED light to simulate a flash burst.

The new X-mini speakers are expected to go on sale later this year. The Supa 2 will retail for around $155 (£120 and AU$220 converted), while the Twisx will go for around $60. The Click 3 is the cheapest at $30.

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