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WishPlz tracks price drops so you don't have to

Only suckers pay full price. This Pinterest-style price tracker notifies you when something you're wishing for goes on sale.

Price tracker WishPlz looks like a cross between Fab and Pinterest.
Price tracker WishPlz looks like a cross between Fab and Pinterest. Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

You've got your eye on a solid-state hard drive. Or a MacBook Air. Or one of those cool Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers. Just one problem: you haven't saved up quite enough cash.

Sure, you can keep checking to see if the price has dropped, but that's a time-consuming hassle. What you need is a tool that will notify you when an item goes on sale.

Wishful thinking? Not if you sign up for WishPlz, a free service that tracks your favorite items and tells you when their prices drop.

WishPlz works a bit differently than other price-tracking services. For starters, it looks like a combination of Fab and Pinterest, listing categorical product feeds with large, inviting thumbnails. That lets you see items that are already on sale and that your friends have "wished."

The service also promises to do what few competitors can: monitor any product on the Web, not just those on, say, Amazon.

After signing up for an account (which you can do via your existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account), you can add the WishPlz bookmarklet to your browser, or install the WishPlz extension if you're a Chrome user.

Then, when you're viewing the product page for any item you want to track, just click the bookmarklet or button. In the pop-up that appears, you can choose between the available thumbnails, modify the product name and/or category, and add a note. From there, just click Wish It and presto: it gets added to your feed.

Although WishPlz works perfectly well with tech goods, it's also suitable for tracking things like clothes, baby items, home and kitchen products, and so on. And I especially like the Sales page, which shows all the "wished" items (from the entire WishPlz community) that are currently on sale.

However, if you want to track something that requires configuration, let a Dell laptop or iPad Mini, WishPlz won't work. According to the developer, that feature is in the works, but for now you're limited to single-price items.

Most of the price-tracking services I've used in the past are either ugly, limited, or both. WishPlz makes price tracking a simple, elegant affair, and it opens the door to the whole wide Web.