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Whirlpool SpeedCook oven offers four ways to cook

The SpeedCook is a versatile oven that lets you bake, grill, steam, or speed-cook a meal.

The Whirlpool Velos SpeedCook oven/microhood is a big, powerful appliance that taps the latest technology to let you cook four ways with one oven.

With 2 cubic feet of space, this oven is also roomy enough for large family or group use. (However, it weighs a whopping 88.9 pounds, something to think about if you are considering an over-the-range option.)

This Whirlpool SpeedCook oven cooks four ways. Whirlpool

The SpeedCook is versatile, functioning as a microwave, an oven, a convection oven, and a steamer, so it does everything from defrosting meat to making popcorn to baking cookies to speed-heating a roast for dinner.

Different power levels on the oven are designed for different sorts of cooking, with 1,200 watts or straight cooking power that can be jacked up to 1,500 watts for grilling. (The oven uses halogen and quartz lights for browning meat.) You can also use the 1,500-watt convection oven, which cooks and bakes by using air that's heated and circulated with a fan. You can also steam vegetables with the Whirlpool SureMist steamer.

On the outside, a glass LCD screen makes programming simple and easily visible. You can choose from a handy 30-second cook option and many resets to cook different sorts of food. There are also speed cook, "keep warm," and childproof options on the oven.

Inside, oven sensors prevent food from getting too hot or not heating uniformly, adjusting time to cook and temperature as needed. A grill rack, broil rack, and sizzle pan with handle are included, along with a 16-inch removable glass turntable.

The oven includes a four-speed vent to accommodate its larger size.

Eight reviewers ranked this oven 4.6 out of a possible five stars and a few raved about it. "I tried the "sizzle pan" mode," one wrote. ""Wow! In less than 15 minutes I had thoroughly cooked (from frozen), juicy, tender chicken breasts ready to serve my hungry crew." Another said, "I have had it for three weeks now and have steamed veggies perfectly, used convection oven several times for angel food cake, cookies, and a casserole. All turned out perfect." Another Sears reviewer was less enthusiastic, noting, "I have had to have this serviced THREE times since I purchased it a year and a half ago."

This oven comes in white, black (about $1,049), stainless steel ($1,079), and monochromatic stainless steel ($1,199).