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Which CES 2015 product would you take home right now? (poll)

Of all the offerings we've covered at the show so far, these are the ones that have most grabbed readers' attention. So, which will it be?

Before the laptops and the phones and the gadgets, CES is all hammers, forklifts and drills. James Martin/CNET

With CES 2015 now in full frenzy, you've likely had a chance to tour the show floor -- either virtually or on a hands-free, self-balancing personal transporter if you're lucky like CNET's Anthony Domanico.

However you're getting your CES eyeful, this year's massive show offers something for just about everyone, from those who want their virtual reality stepped up to those who love the idea of a washer that gets more laundry done with each load and those itching for a super swank Lamborghini phone (spend just $800 more and you can get an actual car ).

Of the dozens upon dozens of products we've covered at CES so far, we've compiled a list of the ones that have most grabbed CNET readers' attention. And now we're wondering: If you could take one of these home right now, which would it be? Sure, you might not be able to afford it or fit it in your garage, and it might not even be available yet, but don't be practical here, be a dreamer. Vote in our poll, and if you don't see your top CES pick listed, be sure to name it in the comments section.

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