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Week-end Web Sites

Week-end Web Sites

a. Unofficial Turbo 601 Web Site has an item this week that describes how and why 030 Macs with DayStar Digital's Turbo 601 PowerPC upgrade card can successfully install Mac OS 8, even though Apple says such machines are not supported by the new OS.

b. Speaking of Mac OS 8, more and more articles are appearing with detailed previews of what to expect in the new release. Mac Home Journal has one. So do Macworld and MacUser.

c. Apple Wizards is a new free internet-based e-zine "committed to serving the Macintosh community with insightful opinions, news, tips and tricks, software and hardware reviews, and much more." Check their web site for info on how to subscribe.

d. MacSense Reviews is "christening its new site with a giveaway. Newly redesigned and helmed by Aaron Lyon, MacSense Reviews has sharpened its focus on graphics, multimedia, and Web designers."