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Week-end updates

Week-end updates

As now listed in the Download Library, CopyThru 2.9.4, File Buddy 4.2.2 and Fonts Manager 3.7.1 are all new versions of these programs - which seem to be updated almost daily.

AGNetTools is a free utility suite of IP tools. For example, it includes PING (pings Internet devices with a specified number of packets, timeout & time interval; minimum, maximum & average response times are reported back), TRACEROUTE (traces the route packets take from your computer to any device with an IP address on the Internet), and NAMELOOKUP (uses DNS to resolve names to addresses & addresses to names).

Deneba has released a Canvas 3.5.5 Updater. It fixes a cosmetic problem in Mac OS 8. That's all it does. However, Paul Cheng writes that he had trouble getting the updater to recognize his 3.5.4 file (it reported: "invalid file selected"). Some problems like this are solved by making sure the application is unchanged from its original name.

Update: Deneba has apparently posted a new 3.5.5 Updater that fixes this problem. (Thanks, Liangkung Lin.)

Shutdown Controller v .2.0 is out. Shutdown Controller allows the user to shut down an unattended Mac under condition specified by the user. This new 2.0 version can now shut down the Mac after the end of net downloads.

BatteryAmnesia 1.5.2 for PowerBooks, a utility to prevent the battery "memory effect," is a new Mac OS 8 compatible version.

A new PowerKey v. 3.3.2 is now available at Sophisticated Circuits web site. This new version adds Mac OS 8 compatibility, replacing a previous version that was supposedly already Mac OS 8 compatible (first noted on MacInTouch).

Default Folder 2.7.5, DoubleScroll 2.2 and CMTools 2.2 are all mainly bug-fix updates.

WestCode has released an update to OneClick to fix a handful of minor compatibility issues with Mac OS 8. It is free to registered users.

AtChat 1.1 now tells you when your friends are online. You can download a free demo version.

Mac OS 8 related utilities

If you are bothered by the Mac OS 8 selection glitch mentioned here previously, readers have noted some utilities that provide work-arounds. In particular, check out Finder Windows 1.2.2 or WindowMenu.

If you would like to rotate Mac OS 8's desktop pictures in a specific order, rather than have them randomly selected, try Rotate DTPictures Applet.

There is a freeware utility for event loop diagnostics, called Response & Jerkiness (replacing one previously called Response Time). It can be used to measure performance slowdowns due to such extensions as AppleGuide and AppleShare (especially notable in Mac OS 8).