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Week-end Updates

Week-end Updates

Snap-To 2.1 is the just released update of this shareware utility which snaps the cursor to the default button in dialog boxes. It provides Mac OS 8 compatibility.

SmoothType 1.3 is out. SmoothType makes your screen look more like the printed page - using a technique called anti-aliasing. This new version is now Mac OS 8 compatible. Author Greg Landweber writes: "anti-aliasing actually makes Charcoal look good. It also fixes problems drawing text on patterned background such as with many web pages, merges the 680x0 and PowerPCvariants into a single Fat extension, and adds a new snazzy icon.

ColorSafe 1.0 is a new utility that "extends the 216 color web safe palette to millions of non-dithering optical colors and patterns. You can download the demo from an ftp site or a web site.

Epson 600 driver update Epson has recently updated some of its inkjet printer drivers, such as the one for the Epson Stylus Color 600 printer, which is now version 3.14A. (Thanks, Neil Cuddy.)

Note: Information on the Epson web page regarding this update says: "This self-extracting file contains the EPSON Stylus COLOR 600 driver files, disk version 3.0BE. The core driver version is 3.14A." However, Epson now confirms that this is not actually a new update, but just a new name listing on their web page.

Screen Gear 2.0 - a multimedia playback utility - now available.

Expect two new versions of the InformINIT coming soon (one for Mac OS 7.6.1 and another for Mac OS 8). This is the utility that lists System Folder files and explains why you do or do not need them. Check the web site for further announcements.