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Wearable tongs take the heat out of cooking

Like to keep foods you're cooking close at hand? These wearable silicone tongs have you covered--literally--so you can cook your food, not your fingers.

A hand covered with wearable dark green silicone tongs lifting asparagus from a pan
Pretty handy. Fusionbrands

When I cook, I have a bad habit of burning myself. This is due entirely to carelessness on my part--if I try to flip something that I'm frying or sauteing and it flips right out of the pan, I will often simply pick it up with my fingers to toss it back in. In a word, ouch.

Fusionbrands wearable cooking tongs are made from heat-resistant silicone and let you use your fingers without scalding them. Use them on either hand to flip, turn, or stir-fry your food while keeping a close watch. The 7-inch tongs keep your fingers and hand safe from sizzling oil and hot surfaces. You can also use the tongs to remove hot dishes from the microwave or the oven. Toss the tongs in the dishwasher after cooking for supereasy cleanup. Under $20.