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Watch how the AU$3000 Sony RX1 is made

The Sony RX1 full-frame compact camera may be out of the reach of mere mortals, but we still have the opportunity to see how it gets put together.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX1 made headlines in 2012 by being the first compact camera to have a full-frame sensor packed inside.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

While the AU$2999 asking price may be out of reach for many, this video, brought to our attention by Petapixel, brings us all one step closer to what many are calling the holy grail of point-and-shoots.

The teardown, or perhaps that should be tear up, shows three of Sony's products being constructed piece-by-piece. The RX1 is located in the top left corner, next to the Sony Handycam CX760 and above the Xperia Z, which is put together at the bottom left corner.

What genuinely surprised us was the time taken to construct these gadgets. This video was obviously shot in a controlled environment, with little to no resemblance to an actual factory floor. There aren't any huge or obvious edits that take out large steps in the construction process, and still, a finished product can be put together in five minutes.