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Utilties Updates: Quickie Web Albums version 4.0; ScreenShot Plus�1.1.3; EasyFind 3.0; more

Utilties Updates: Quickie Web Albums version 4.0; ScreenShot Plus 1.1.3; EasyFind 3.0; more

Quickie Web Albums version 4.0 is a tool to make photo/video albums. The new release has a slideshow option where you can set the duration to show images, set the icon to use, and a blend option (blend only works on certain web browsers).

ScreenShot Plus 1.1.3 is a utility to scale and pick format using Apple's built-in screen capture.

EasyFind 3.0 finds files, folders and contents without indexing. The latest release has a new drawer containing settings for content searching.

VoiceNoteMenu 2.1 puts a voice note recorder in the menu bar.

MacDialer 1.2 is a tool to dial phone numbers from any app.

ShredIt X 5.3.0 more securely deletes files and folders.

  • Quickie Web Albums version...
  • ScreenShot Plus 1.1.3
  • EasyFind 3.0
  • VoiceNoteMenu 2.1
  • MacDialer 1.2
  • ShredIt X 5.3.0
  • More from Utilities Updates