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Utility Updates

Utility Updates

Claris Emailer 2.0v3 is out. Get the update, the documentation and the help file at Claris' ftp site. According to the MRP, a "CMM plug-in providing more Contextual Menu support in and out of the application remains in private beta."

Update: Venkat Memula (formerly of Claris) writes: "Actually the CMM support in the app is already there, which gives you access to basic functions. The finder plug-in is still being tested, which will eventually allow you to attach a file to an open outgoing message or create a new outgoing message if Claris Emailer is open. You must be on a PPC and OS8 or higher for this to work."

FinderPop 1.5.7 is out. New features include: (1) Command-click and hold a folder in the Finder to get a popup of its contents; (2) You can now select items from the FinderPop menus while the Standard File dialogs are up. (Thanks, Jerry Marks.)

Default Folder St. Clair Software has released yet another public beta version (2.8.1b1) of Default Folder. This version includes, (1) a new Control Strip module; (2) support for the numeric keypad; (3) a correction of a cosmetic problem in some file dialogs; and more.